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Microscan Visum

Femto Visum

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manufacturer of ophthalmic excimer
and femtosecond laser systems
refractive surgery, cataract and keratoplasty


Lasers are exclusive optical instrument for medicine , including ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, cosmetology. Our lasers can be successfully use as OEM products for medical systems.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000

Precision micro-machining of transparent material is a state-of-the-art method for creating unique waveguide structures for fiber optics and quantum communications, micro fluidic devices for biomedical research and diagnostics, as well as for the development of the next generation of microelectronic devices. Femtosecond and Picosecond lasers are flexible and universal tool for three-dimensional microprocessing of materials that does not require complex lithographic processes.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000 | CL 7500 | CL 7700 | DC 4000 | OptoDP 50 | OptoDP 100

We propose unique laser and laser systems systems for FBG production. Fiber Bragg Grating is irreplaceable elements of fiber-optic communication, sensors , filer lasers, etc.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000

Excimer lasers are ideal lasers source for pulse laser deposition. Only excimer lasers evaporate target with minimal thermal effects. Due to this PLD layers has the same stoichiometry as ablated targets.

CL 7000 | 7X200

Microwave Plasma Diamond Growing (MP CVD) is a advance method that provides controlled diamond growth for the electronics and jewelry industry with programmable and controlled properties.


Laser cleaning is precise and ecologically clean process, especially in case of chemically harmful and radioactive contamination. Laser cleaning can be done by pulse laser with high energy density as CO2 lasersdiode-pump or excimer lasers. Minimal thermal effect, thin evaporated layers, remote process are main advantages of laser cleaning.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000 | CL 7500 | CL 7700 | DC 4000 | OptoDP 50 | OptoDP 100 | InfraLight 100 | InfraLight 200 | InfraLight SP

The detection and monitoring of ozone, aerosols and impurities in the atmosphere can be carried out remotely using lidars. Lidar allows to monitor the environment, identify local and global variations of the atmosphere. Laser is a key elements of all types of lidars.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000 | CL 7500 | CL 7700 | DC 4000 | InfraLight 100 | InfraLight 200 | InfraLight SP