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double pulse lasers for the high-speed
particle imaging velocimetry

Leading manufacturer of medical,
scientific and technological laser systems




Microscan Visum

Femto Visum

The only one in Russia

manufacturer of ophthalmic excimer
and femtosecond laser systems for
refractive surgery, cataract and keratoplasty


Optosystems delivers certified laser ophthalmic systems Microscan Visum and Femto Visum ready for clinical use as well as OEM laser sources CL 5000, CLS 5000, CL 7308 for integration into custom products for ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, cosmetology.

Precision micro-machining of transparent material is a state-of-the-art method for creating unique waveguide structures for fiber optics and quantum communications, micro fluidic devices for biomedical research and diagnostics, as well as for the development of the next generation of microelectronic devices. Femtosecond and Picosecond lasers are flexible and universal tool for three-dimensional microprocessing of materials that does not require complex lithographic processes.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000 | CL 7500 | CL 7700 | DC 4000 | OptoDP 50 | OptoDP 100

Fiber Bragg Gratings are essential components of optical communication systems, fiber lasers, sensors.

We can offer both complete FBG production workstation and unique specialised excimer laser for custom integration.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000

Excimer lasers are ideal sources for Pulsed Laser Deposition, thanks to very short wavelength and rectangular uniform beam profile. The exposure of excimer laser pulse results in target surface explosive evaporation with almost no thermal effect, thereby maintaining conditions for stoichiometric transfer of target material to growing film.

Optosystems installed numerous CL 7000 and 7X200 series lasers for PLD setups. Please contact our application engineers to choose the right laser for your specific goals!

Meet ARDIS, a microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition reactor developed by Optosystems team for controllable growth of mono- poly- and nanocrystalline diamond films and jewelry-quality diamond production.

Please visit our dedicated website for more information: www.cvd-diamond.ru

The detection and monitoring of ozone, aerosols and impurities in the atmosphere can be carried out remotely using lidars. Lidar allows to monitor the environment, identify local and global variations of the atmosphere. Laser is a key elements of all types of lidars.

CL 5000 | CLS 5000 | CL 7000 | CL 7500 | CL 7700 | DC 4000 | InfraLight 100 | InfraLight 200 | InfraLight SP

Starting from the 1980-s, excimer laser has become a key factor of progress in microelectronic chip mass manufacturing. And, it remains a main industrial photolithography light source up to now. The high repetition rate Optosystems DC 4000 and CLS 5000 excimer lasers are perfectly qualified for maskless lithography.

In response to continuous growth of the laser semiconductor annealing market, Optosystems has developed high pulse energy/high power excimer laser 7X200, meeting strong demands of this state-of-the-art industrial technology.

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