18th all-russian scientific-practical congress with international participation “Modern technologies of cataractal and refraction surgery”

Optosystems took part in the XVIII All-Russian Scientific and Practical Congress with international participation “Modern Technologies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery”, which took place on October 20-21, 2017 in Moscow.

The congress included the Day Of Glaucoma  (19 October). This is one of the most ambitious and attended professional events for specialists in the field of surgery of anterior segment of eyeball, cataract and refractive disorders.

In the plenary session, right after the opening of the congress, Aleksandr Viktorovich Doga made a presentation on “Clinical outcomes of myopia correction using the FemtoLAZIC method using various femtolaser units.” In this report, he conducted a comparative analysis of the refractive and visual results of the Femto-LASIK operation using Femto Visum (Russia) and Femto LDV Z6 (Switzerland) in patients with mild to moderate myopia. Summarising the talk, the conclusion was drawn that the Femto-LASIC operation using femto-laser devices Femto Visum and Femto LDV Z6 is an effective and safe method for correction of myopia of mild and moderate degrees and leads to stable postoperative refractive and visual results, without a statistically significant difference between the studied settings (p> 0.05).

Clinical outcomes of correction of myopia using the Femto-LASIC method using various femtolaser units”, Journal of Refractive Surgery, p.152